Employee Experience

Michael Kearns

Projects Manager, Estates and Facilities CHI at Crumlin

I get up at 6.50am and I take public transport to work from Meath every day. It takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and includes driving to the bus stop and using two different buses.

When I arrive to work I sign in and say hello to my colleagues and I confirm that nothing has happened overnight that needs to be dealt with urgently.

I have daily and weekly planned meetings. Inadvertently things urgently crop up every day. It is the nature of the Department that different and new items crop up daily and need to be dealt with urgently.

The thing I like most about my job is the variety of chores and tasks that come up our way. I also enjoy interacting with so many people across the campus in different areas who are all good work colleagues. This helps with the type of work that we have to complete.

The most challenging thing about my job is the time constraint. The quantity of requests versus the time available to get things done is difficult especially when we have such tight schedules & restrictions to work within.

I can not name one specific thing about what I have delivered in my role that I am most proud of but I am proud to be part of a team that has on a large scale, enhanced patient experience and provided better environments for the patients’ treatment to be being delivered in.

For example, I was involved with the construction and fit-out of the Medical Tower building which provides OPD services in a MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) setting. I was the Project Lead for the extension and refurbishment of three large in-patient wards, the total refurbishment and equipment upgrade to the hospital Kitchens and the construction of two new Haematology Labs.

Outside of work, I like to keep fit and healthy by exercising including walking and swimming. I also love gardening and reading, especially reading the Irish Times.

I am motivated by getting a job well done and my mantra is that if a job is worth doing, do it right the first time.

Funny things that happen in the hospital in unexpected or unplanned ways make me laugh. ‘Big firm syndrome’ happens here often with public and staff and when it does, all you can do is laugh and correct the error.

I treasure the fish tank in CHI at Crumlin. It serves as a landmark for many a direction in the hospital and a greeting point. There are always parents and families congregating around it and there are always reactions from the youngsters. It is a real ‘wow’ feature here and a nice therapeutic element to the hospital.