Employee Experience

Conor Keyes

Administrator, Physiotherapy Department, CHI at Temple Street

I get up at 5.45am when the alarm is set for in and around that time. We either ‘bus’ into Griffith Avenue or drive and walk and from there.  It’s roughly an hour’s drive.  The first thing I do is fly down and have porridge before I start work, I open the office, print off the clinic lists and set the office up for the day, pulling charts and so on.  While some things are routine, every day brings new tasks and challenges.  Certain routines would get overshadowed by ad-hoc requests which include responding to emails and phonecalls and running off to get notes which can skew the day a bit.

What I like most about my job is the team within the Department.  There is a good spirit and ethos and everybody pulls together.  When we are trialling new stuff everyone does give it a bash.  I’m stumped by the question what do you find most challenging – I’d say the ad-hoc side. Sometimes you get parents that are a bit anxious after long clinics and waits by the time that they get across to us.

My proudest achievement since joining here is achieving the permanent Grade IV role and enrolling on the Green Belt 6 Sigma.  To keep mind and body healthy I suppose I start with a walk back up to the car after work.  In the evening I find a swim and a walk on the beach in Bettystown clears the head but is of course weather dependant so if the weather is good I do that a couple of times a month and then the pool more regularly.

What motivates me is a sense of achievement, teamwork, keeping all the cogs in the Department moving smoothly and doing as much as I can to relieve pressure from the clinical staff from doing admin ‘stuff’.

To relax and unwind I enjoy walking, swimming and generally getting out and about.  An array of things makes me laugh including being in good company, good friends where you can always guarantee a laugh whether that be at work or at home.

I have to say that the staff in general are what I treasure most about Temple Street.  Having come here from another hospital staff here are very friendly.  Coming in as an outsider, they all stop and chat – nurses, porters and everybody once they knew that you were new.