Employee Experience

Anne Thompson

Telephonist/ Receptionist, Switch Department, CHI at Crumlin

I get up at 8.15am and my grandson arrives at 8.45. He is three years of age so we have lots of fun before I drop him to crèche at 12pm. I then go to the gym for a half hour cardio session followed by sauna and Jacuzzi before I drive to work to start my shift at 3pm.

The first thing I do when I get to work is to open my contact listings in Excel and relevant information folders that I might need access to, to work through my shift efficiently. I also cover two afternoons in the post room, so firstly I organise the mail then price it through the franking machine.

There is no fixed routine to my day. Every day is different on the phones and at the main reception desk. The phones always keep us busy and dealing with members of the public can be challenging at times. But as a Telephonist/Receptionist I never have a dull day. There’s something new or different.

The thing I like most about my job is providing an efficient phone service for CHI at Crumlin and maintaining and working my Internal Contact Listings into Excel spread sheets. I also enjoy when work colleagues from different departments pop into the switch office to rack their bleeps or just pop their heads in to say ‘Hey’. That’s always great. It’s nice to see them all heading home for an enjoyable evening. I really like the amount of traffic in and out of the switch office every evening. It’s a truly great office to work in.

However working on such a busy switch board can be very challenging but it’s important to remain assertive, positive and professional when there are high volumes of calls coming in. The ladies in switch and I could hold and deal with up to eight or nine lines at any one time

My proudest achievement since I joined Crumlin was securing a permanent position in switch and reception after just two years on staff.

In order to keep mind and body healthy and well, I do weight training and ‘cardio’ four or five times per week.  I also aim to eat plenty of vegetables and I enjoy juicing veg and fruit. In addition I take in a great selection of vitamins to help maintain myself, including Liposomal vitamin C and B’s and 4000mg of Vitamin C on a daily basis. I also find Udo’s Oil fantastic and  CurcuWin is an great supplement (if a tad expensive) which last up to 12 hours in the body. I find keeping up to date with the latest health matters and clinical trials in supplements and their associated health benefits very interesting.

I enjoy meditating too, to soothing Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman on Maria Callas on an evening off and I find going to the gym and then having a sauna or Jacuzzi a great way to unwind especially during the winter months.

Overall my job keeps me well motivated. I am also motivated by being able to help and assist the people in my life, work and home and I like being organised and efficient. This keeps me nicely motivated.

My grandson Frankie is hilarious and he is always making me laugh. He is so clever and funny. He does his bicep curls, sets of squats and stretches in the mornings. It’s funny stuff. He’s a tonic and really pleasant to be around. He also takes his Vitamin C & Multivitamins every morning after breakfast.

I also get a great laugh out of ‘Only Fools & Horses’, ‘Keeping up Appearances’ and ‘Are You Being Served.’