Meet and get to know some of our staff working in a range of
disciplines (clinical and non-clinical) across CHI

Kevin O’Farrell

Senior Medical Social Worker (MSW), Cardiac Ward and Cardiac ICU, CHI at Crumlin

“Not to sound cliché, but working with children and their families is the thing I like the most about my job…”

Lorraine Culloty

PA to Site Chief Executive, CHI at Temple Street

“I really enjoy my job because every day is different. I especially like the constant foot fall through the door and knowing what is going on across the hospital…”

Alan Nolan

Departmental Porter, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit 2 (PICU 2), CHI Crumlin

“My proudest achievement is that I have worked every Christmas day for the past thirty years…”

Bridget Burger

Senior Occupational Therapist (OT), Children’s Health Ireland at Temple Street

“There is something very motivating in knowing that my interactions have the potential to facilitate a positive change in a child’s life…”

Noel Carberry

EHR Programme Manager, CHI, Kilmainham, D8

“My proudest achievement was when planning permission for building the new children’s hospital on the St James’s site was granted…”

Vivienne Hand

Occupational Therapy Manager and Access Officer, CHI at Crumlin

“I am always motivated by seeing the great work that our Occupational Therapists do…”

Norma O’Keeffe

Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner (RANP) in Children’s Pain and Rheumatology in CHI at Temple Street.

“Pain is invisible and there is no machine available to say exactly what size or shape it is. Also it is different for everyone…”

Aoife Corley

Staff Nurse, Day Ward, CHI at Tallaght

“My colleagues and the children that I meet are what I like most about my job…”

Sharon Ryan

Directorate Nurse Manager (DNM), CHI at Temple Street

“I like seeing improvements happen in the way that we deliver  care which in turn delivers better outcomes for patients…”

Michael Kearns

Projects Manager, Estates and Facilities CHI at Crumlin

“The thing I like most about my job is the variety of chores and tasks that come up our way…”

Nora Mc Donald

Canteen, CHI at Temple Street

“…all of the staff in CHI at Temple Street wherever they may work will always show compassion and support to an upset parent or child….”

Dr Irwin Gill

Consultant Paediatrician with special interest in Neurodisability, CHI at Temple Street

“Children often don’t look any different after a brain injury so it can sometimes be hard for friends and teachers to understand when there are problems….”

Rachel Bermingham

Staff Nurse, Children’s Heart Centre, CHI at Crumlin

“The cliche that every day is different is especially true for nursing and it’s generally what I like about nursing…”

Mark O’Toole

General Porter, CHI at Crumlin

“My proudest achievement since I joined Crumlin would have to be receiving the hospital Bursary Fund…”

Prof Jonathan Hourihane

Consultant Paediatrician, CHI at Temple Street and Head of Department of Paediatrics, RCSI

“Paediatrics is the most fun you can have in a hospital while sober. I love the variety from patient contact to health service planning…”

Paul Harding

Manager, CHI at Connolly and ADON (Assistant Director of Nursing)

“At 8.30am every morning, I attend the ‘huddle’ where members of our amazing team come together…”

Joan Broderick

CNM3 Emergency Department, CHI at Temple Street

“Every day in my job is different and every day is a challenge. I enjoy the variety of ED but I enjoy the teamwork we have developed the most…”