A Day in the Life of Laura Gavin

Operations Team Lead, Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) at Connolly

I am usually up at 6.40am each morning and hit the road at 07.20am. Thankfully my morning routine has changed drastically since relocating to CHI at Connolly. Whilst working in the city centre, my morning consisted of a 5.30am start. Nowadays I get up at 6.40am and take a 20 to 35-minute (depending on traffic) drive to work where I am met with a parking space; a stress free commute to work is a great start to the day.

First thing is first so I go straight to my desk to check my ‘to do’ list, calendar and have a quick scan of my emails.  I then take a quick walk through each area of the centre to ensure the staff have no issues or concerns for the day ahead. I then make my way to the 08.30am morning huddle.  The huddle allows us as a centre-wide team gathering to troubleshoot any issues that a particular Department may be faced with.

My day is made up mostly of internal and external meetings so time management is key in this role to ensure I make the most of the time I have at my desk.

The opening of CHI at Connolly has required us as a hospital group to change our way of working and move to a more collaborative way of thinking.

My role mostly involves working closely with the Operation Teams across the three CHI sites (Crumlin, Temple Street and Connolly) on a daily basis. We work together on expanding the current services in CHI at Connolly and planning for the implementation of additional services. The evolution of single instance ICT systems means that I have daily input to their continued development.

Essentially no day is the same for me within this energetic centre which is certain to keep you on your toes.

The thing I like most about my job is the staff in Connolly along with the positive energy that oozes through the centre.  The positivity is sensed from the moment you enter the building and has been recognised by families attending the centre in the many compliments that we receive.

My proudest achievement since joining the CHI at Connolly Operations Team was to be a member of the superbly innovative commissioning team involved in the opening of this first of a kind centre in Ireland. As a member of the Connolly Management Team we were in a position to establish a culture of openness and inclusivity for our staff that we are proud of and live by on a daily basis.

In order to relax and unwind I usually take a walk with the dog before finishing each day with meditation  which is a new year’s resolution that I am keen to stick with. I am just finishing Oprah and Deepak’s 21-day meditation experience which has definitely helped me switch off and unwind before hitting the hay.

I am motivated by being in a role that keeps me challenged and that allows me to continue to learn and grow professionally. We also have plenty of those ‘laugh or cry’ moments in Connolly and I really enjoy having likeminded colleagues to laugh with especially when we recall the challenging week prior to opening.

The ‘treasure’ that I love most in Connolly is the multi-sensory room which is such a superb facility for the children attending the centre.