A Day in The Life of Leah… Doran

Operations Administrator, Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) at Connolly in Blanchardstown

Each morning I get up for 6.15am.  I get myself ready for work and my son ready for crèche.  We typically leave for 7.10am and travel by car.

I start work at 8am but I like to arrive a bit early, usually about 7.30am.  I usually then have time to head to the staff room for a cup of tea and this sets me up for the day ahead.

My colleagues and I alternate our positions each week so that we are able to cover any role if needed.   Rotating within the building also helps us build relationships with many other staff members. When I get to my desk I check my emails, log into iPMS or the Concierge system, depending on my whereabouts that particular day.

The part I enjoy most about my job (other than my co-workers) is being part of the patient’s journey within our facility, no matter how big or small that part may be.

The most challenging part of this job so far since the opening of CHI at Connolly in July 2019 has been the introduction to the new systems and the learning period that followed afterwards.  However, it is wonderful that the systems that have been implemented have made this facility ‘paper lite’.

My proudest achievement so far has been the fact that I have been part of the first phase of the colossal change that is happening within CHI.

Each day I usually go for a walk on my lunch break, weather permitting.  I always feel it is nice just to have a brief change of scenery to break the day up.

The thing that motivates me the most is the feedback we receive from the children and families who have attended our OPD or Urgent Care Centre (UCC).  It is a reminder that greeting people with a smile can really make their experience much more pleasant.

One of the things that makes me laugh the most within my job is the reaction of some of the children when they have to go home after their attendance.  So many of the children are so engrossed by all the colourful pictures, the animal shaped seats and the beautiful Balloon Tree that they are having too much fun to leave.  I think this is fantastic that so many of the younger children are unaware that they are in a hospital setting. It really seems to eliminate the daunting feeling that can come with being in a clinical setting.

The treasure I love the most within CHI at Connolly is the Balloon Tree.  Anyone who comes into the building is usually drawn to it.  The children are attracted to the bright colours of the balloons and the parents and grandparents love the story that comes with the Balloon Tree.  It really is a beautiful feature that connects all generations.