Vivienne Hand

Occupational Therapy Manager and Access Officer, CHI at Crumlin

I get up or when the alarm goes off. My alarm goes off at 7ish, give or take a snooze….I travel to work by car.

When I get to work I am a creature of habit. I change out of my runners, take off my rings and turn on my computer.  Then go into the main office to say good morning to the team.

No two days are the same really.  The day might involve going to unscheduled meetings or managing referrals.  We have a staff huddle in the morning which works really well.  Some days I feel like I’m very desk based but other times I might be off-site quite a bit.

The thing I like most about my job is the variety and the people I work with. I also do like the challenges although it might not appear that way at the time.

My primary frustration is probably in trying to progress things.  This may be because of certain processes or competing priorities when trying work on a project.  At the moment coping with the rate of change we’re surrounded by is challenging.

I’m proud of the culture in my department.  There is a lovely atmosphere amongst the team in relation to helping each other out and looking out for each other.  I hope this continues as the Department grows. I really value my relationships with staff in Crumlin and Temple Street and with colleagues in the community.  Having a network of support is invaluable to me both personally and professionally.

I’m also extremely proud of securing funding for a Changing Place in Crumlin so that people with disabilities can have their toileting needs met with dignity. This is long overdue and will be a great improvement for patients and families once this project is complete.  And finally the ACE group (Accessible Communication for Everyone) which has been passionate and committed to trying to improve our services for people with communication support needs, such as intellectual disability or autism or English as a second language.

With regard to keeping mind and body well, I am all or nothing.  At the moment I’m doing yoga with our very own Fiona Ward (Dietitian Manager) on a Monday which is a lovely way to start the week. I’m also doing the Marchathon challenge with the Occupational Therapists (go Dashers!). And at home I’m doing Couch to 5k.  I will be back on the couch in April I’m sure!

I am always motivated by seeing the great work that our Occupational Therapists do.  They bring such value to patients from all different specialties.  The work and scope that Occupational Therapy can achieve is probably not as widely understood as I wish it was. We are always working to change this.

In order to relax and unwind, I’m afraid I have a bit of a dark side and am an avid listener of a true crime podcast.  I also dabble in a little art when I can make time for it. And I’m in a book club which keeps me on track with reading.

Anything from the sublime to the ridiculous makes me laugh. Last week I was sellotaped to a wall for our Marchathon team photo. We didn’t win which was a travesty.

I really treasure the photos of the Crumlin Occupational Therapists from our ‘Ho Ho day’.  The team put a huge amount of their own time and creativity into making costumes.  It’s a lovely team building event and a great way for us to come together and remember the reason why we here.