Sharon Ryan

Directorate Nurse Manager (DNM), CHI at Temple Street

I get up at 5.15am so that I can wake my baby girl, Jess (aged ten months) and give her a bottle. My partner, Damien wakes our other daughter, Alana, aged five years and gives her, her breakfast and takes her to school.

Jess and I leave our house in Killester on the Dart at 6.25am and go to Connolly and then I walk to Eccles Street where I drop Jess off in the Mater Creche at 7.15am and then I start work in Temple Street at 7.30am

When I land at my desk, I check my calendar and diary with contains my TTD list and I answer a few emails before huddle.

There is generally no fixed routine to my day. Every day varies except for my attendance at the Nursing Huddle at 8.45am, which is chaired by our Site Nurse Manager. I find attending the Huddle to be very useful so I can get a quick but very accurate overview of what is going on in the hospital and what the key areas of concern and potential risk might be. I also share an office with a colleague from patient flow so I am always aware of daily and often hourly bed management challenges. The biggest challenge in my working life is time management and an ever increasing workload.

I really enjoy my role in CHI at Temple Street because of the variety. I like seeing improvements happen in the way that we deliver  care which in turn delivers better outcomes for patients. I also enjoy the team work and my friends and colleagues in the Department of Nursing.

I joined Temple Street in 2014 from the Mater where I was a CNM2 in Patient Flow. Among the many changes and good work by all since I have joined I have been most proud of the collective achievements in improving   patient flow throughout the hospital. People have been really supportive and worked together to achieve many changes including  the opening of the DOSA (Day of Surgery Admission) Lounge and the SSOU (Short Stay Observation Unit), the setup of the transfer team, discharge lounge, and of course the daily huddle. I believe that by improving flow and the ways in which we co-ordinate and communicate we can release time to care for our patients.

I am a big fan of step aerobics. I use you tube videos to do this at home which makes it easier for me to find the time  to keep fit. I also find the walk from Connolly to the Mater with Jess keeps me fit and allows me to prepare for the day or clear my head after work. In addition I enjoy reading fiction on my kindle, watching documentaries on Netflix and my two little girls make me laugh every day and keep me in good form.

I am motivated by a desire to deliver the very best care possible to sick children. I always remember being on the frontline as a ward staff nurse and how it could be frustrating to deliver care in a busy environment or with staffing challenges and that is what made me what to look at how we can improve patient experience and care delivery.

The treasure that I would like to take to the new children’s hospital is our famous Temple Street blue front door  and the history it symbolises. I also really like the fact that we still call our two Boardrooms, our Front and Back Parlours and that the door frames are the original frames.