Noel Carberry

EHR Programme Manager, CHI, Kilmainham, D8

As rule, I get up at 6.30am and usually get the Luas to work but I like to drive on the odd occasion. When I get to work, I have a cup of tea and check my emails to see what the day holds.

There is no fixed routine to my day. Every day is different and often quite unstructured and because of this, it is hard to plan and you just need to deal with challenges as they come up.

My proudest achievement was when planning permission for building the new children’s hospital on the St James’s site was granted in October 2012 and my involvement in that process.

I am also very proud to be involved in the design of a truly digital hospital.

I keep mind and body healthy and well by running and going to the gym. I also like going to the movies, reading a good book and looking at Netflix. Lots of things make me laugh and I also like a good bit of banter.

I am strongly motivated by the work I do and really intent to play a key part in the design of the first truly digital hospital.